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A Muave Memoir | Wedding Styled Shoot


Photographer:  DreamBox Photography

Venue:  Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center, Battle Creek, Michigan

Florals:  Florals by Sharon

Invitation Suite:  Invitations by Caitlin

Macarons:  Make-Bake-Smile

Modle: Ni Pham


DreamBox Photography is a fine art wedding photographer in Michigan that creates and captures dreamy, whimsical and fairy tale moments.  This is what I love to do and why I’ve worked so hard over the past couple of years to achieve.

As much as I love shooting weddings for other people, I also love shooting for myself.  In the midst of the busy wedding season, I managed to put together this styled shoot during my one weekend off (thanks to all the talented vendors who were willing to contribute to this photoshoot on such a short notice).

For this styled shoot, I was inspired by all the beautiful monuments and buildings that I saw during my trip to Italy last year.  The amount of work and details that went into designing these grand buildings is just beyond amazing.  My dream is to one day go back to Italy and do an editorial photo shoot there… in the meantime, I discovered this little gem right in my backyard.  Who would have thought that the small town of Battle Creek, Michigan would have such a beautiful building?  This is a government-owned building located in downtown and I instantly fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

My vision for this photo shoot was to create an ethereal scenery and capture fine art images using only one main color for decor:  muave.  Although muave is quite muted in tone, it feels very romantic by itself.   I also didn’t want to distract from the the beautiful architecture with too many colors.


I’m not sure what it is about this particular photo but it is definitely my favorite shot.  I love to create images that evoke emotions and often times, I find myself exerting my own feelings into the images that I create.


The arches, the pillars, the masonary artwork…


For decor, I included some of my favorite things:  macarons and wine.  One of my all-time favorite cheap wine is the Ménage à Trois Silk wine which I featured in this shoot.







Ni was such a good sport; it was about 50 degrees out on a early Sunday morning and she managed to put on a full face of makeup and did her own hair before arriving on site for the photoshoot.  She’s so beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for a better model for this shoot.  For this last shot, I wanted to capture all the pillars in the background and asked her to pose comfortably.  From this picture, you wouldn’t have known how cold it was.


Fine art wedding photographer in Michigan

Creating and photographing editorial styled shoot is quite rewarding… from conception to execution, it allows me to put my creatiive energy to good use.  This is the third styled shoot that I put together this year and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.  See my two previous styled shoot here:  Marie Antoinette Inspired Wedding and Southern Exposure Wedding.


Fine Art Wedding Photographer In Michigan

A Muave Memoir | Fine Art Wedding Photographer in Michigan

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