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Assign certain tasks to your fiance.  Men actually like to help (believe it or not) especially if they know that you can trust them with making decisions. For example, have your fiance do some research and narrow down 3 DJ's to choose from.  It'll be more fun to go through the joys (and sometime pain) of wedding planning together!

Select vendors that have the same aesthetic/style who can deliver services that will match your vision (for example, if you are doing a whimsical wedding, find a florist who can create bouquets with interesting textures and shapes to give a more whimsical and fun feel.)  Check out the vendors that we love, trust and recommend here!

This one is obvious but sometimes overlooked.  Choose invitations that will give your guests a glimpse your wedding day. For example, if you're doing an outdoor garden wedding, add some greenery and florals to the invitation. To manage your RSVP's, I recommend using The Knot or Zola .  You can see where I purchase all of my fine art styling papers, ribbons wax seals here!

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Everything starts with a vision! As a starting point, select 2-3 color palettes and find images that speaks to you. Then put together all of your images into a collage either via Pinterest or The Knot galleries. Lastly, I recommend describing your wedding in 2-3 words so that you stay focused as you're putting together all the details (i.e. avoid buying props just because it's cute and cheap).

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Wedding planning is no small task! There is so much that goes into the planning process (from selecting your venue to the color of your groomsmen's tie). Here are some of my tips to help with the planning process.

Yes you are a superwoman but you can't do it all, especially on your wedding day.  You'll want to enjoy every second of it.  From my years of experience, here are my suggestions for a stress-free day: 

1) Hire a day-of-coordinator or assign a family friend to take care of business.  You don't want to be setting up, cleaning up and on the phone with vendors all day long. In fact, put your phone away for the day so that you're not answering phone calls and texts all day long - it'll be less stressful!

2) Get your solo portraits taken as soon as you have your dress on, makeup on and hair done while everything is still in place.

3) Believe it or not - the two most complicated things that I see at every wedding are 1) how to fold pocket squares  and 2) how to pin boutonnieres.  Have your fiance lookup youtube videos (such as this one) ahead of the wedding. 

4) One question I often get asked the most is:  how much time do I really need for portraits?  I always recommend at least 1.5-2 hours in total for family portraits, bridal party pictures, bride and groom pictures and solo portraits.  To shorten the time between the ceremony and reception, I recommend doing as many bridal portraits before the ceremony (for example, even if you're not doing a first look, get the bridal party portraits done separately before the ceremony).




This is where your happily ever after story actually begins... when you experience life together and write your own story. Cherish your time together. Make every day count.  Be intentional with all that you do.  Create fun memories. Take lots of photos and put them in a album (or see here for more ideas on what to do with your photos) so that you can look back on those memories.

I hope the tips and resources above were helpful and I hope you'll enjoy your wedding planning process.!


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