Top wedding trends in 2019

Wedding Gown Series

One of the main reasons why I LOVE working in the wedding industry is because I get to see all beautiful wedding gowns. Every year, I look forward to seeing the New York Bridal Fashion Show and identify the upcoming trends.  During the 2018 bridal fashion show, these were the recurring theme that were on the runway:

  1. Wedding Jumpsuit – there were quite a few of jumpsuits on the runway this year and it was quite refreshing to see something different.  I especially loved how the designers added the flowing tail and feminine details to dress it up:


2) Large Bows on Wedding Dress – I’m not sure how I feel about the large bow trend – only because it’s quite distracting but I think it could work on a simple plain gown (like the last picture below):


3) Wedding Dress with Built-in Pockets – now I totally love this idea and I can see this at real weddings.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have your phone and other emergency items right in your pocket when you need it on your wedding day?


4) Shorter Length – fashion trends definitely goes in full circle so it’s not surprising that the shorter-length dresses are making a come-back.  I think these dresses would be perfect for the summer months (especially outdoors when you don’t want to drag your dress all over the dirt and grass).  I also think the shorter-length wedding dress would be great for more casual weddings.  It’ll allow you to move more freely throughout the day and dance all night long.


With wedding season out of the way, my goal is to create more content on my website so you’ll be seeing more blog posts in the next several months.  Stay tuned!!

Top Wedding Trends in 2019 – Wedding Gown Series

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