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"Boudoir" is a French word that refers to a woman's private bedroom but in the world of photography, it is where you get your most intimate photos taken.  Whether you're doing this for yourself or gifting the photos to your fiance/husband, I promise you won't regret it!  Here are some of my tips/tricks to prepare for your boudoir session.


Preparing for your boudoir session




Select outfit pieces that will make you feel beautiful and comfortable in. Some of my favorite boudoir outfit ideas include: teddy suits, mens dress-up shirts, a lacy robe or just your birthday suit with a sheer white sheet. With boudoir, I like to keep it simple and elegant without looking too "pin-up".



Minimize bloating. Bloating is driven by several factors including the foods that we eat and our hormone levels depending on the time of the month. Avoid eating salty foods and do a 24 hour fast prior to your session. Also, women tend to naturally "glow" more during their ovulation period (typically 2 weeks after your period) so try to schedule your boudoir session during this time, if possible.

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boudoir tips

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Get a bikini wax at least 2 week prior to your session.

Don't put on fake tan as it typically turn out orange in the photos. 

Wear loose fitting clothes to your boudoir session to avoid any imprints on your skin. 

Bring some coconut oil to lather on your skin to get some extra glow.  

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posing tips

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During the session, I'll direct you on poses but here are some tips to keep in mind:

When standing, shift your weight to the side furthest away from camera.

Practice smiling and looking into the mirror prior to the session (I know this sound ridiculous but it will help you identify your most flattering face expression).

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relax & enjoy

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Most importantly - just relax and have fun during the session!  It will feel awkward in the beginning (trust me - I know because I've gotten my own boudoir photos taken by a stranger) but try to loosen up.  How you feel will show through in the pictures so the more comfortable you are, the better your photos will turn out!

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