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Maureen and Nick got married on a PERFECT September day in New Buffalo, Michigan.  The sun was up, the weather was cool and crisp and the entire wedding party was just absolutely amazing!

I met up with Maureen and her bridesmaids at Maureen’s parents’ house to capture the girls getting ready.


Maureen did a first look with her dad; the expression on her father’s face was priceless!  You could tell how proud and happy he was for her:


I then headed over to the St. Marys of the Lake church to capture a few shots of the Nick and his groomsmen:


An all-white church?!  Now that’s a photographer’s dream… the white walls, white ceilings and white floor makes it so much easier to photograph the ceremony because there’s no color cast to deal with during the editing process:




During the ceremony, I like to get an aisle seat so that I can capture the bride coming down the aisle as well as the groom’s expression.


Maureen and Nick exiting the church after the ceremony:


After the ceremony, we headed out to the marina to capture formal portraits of the bridal party and family.  Maureen choose maroon for the bridesmaids dress and I love that each bridesmaids wore a different style:




I love how simply elegant Maureen’s dress was.  She wore it so beautifully:



Doing a vogue-style shot of the bridal party.  As soon as Maureen said she wanted a picture of the entire party in front of her parents’ wrap-around-porch house, I envisioned this shot.  I explained my vision to Maureen and it was the same exact vision that she had as well!!  I love it when my brides’ visions aligns with mine!


We then headed over to Whittaker Woods Golf Club where the wedding reception was held.  The property was so beautiful and there were so many options for photos (i.e. ponds, fields of manicured lawn and trees in the background).  While we waited for all the guests to arrive, we sneaked in some more formal portraits:









The reception was elegantly decorated:


First dance (tip:  ask your DJ to announce the first dance and have family/friends come surround the dance floor during the first dance; it makes the moment that much more special and will get the crowd dancing as soon as the first dances are over since they’re already on their feet!)


Maureen & Nick’s Wedding | St. Mary of the Lake | Whittaker Woods Golf Club Wedding

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